Irish Metal Tracks 2018

Irish Metal Tracks

Underground Metal Tracks

Tips For Submitting Your Music for radio play:
  • Please send all tracks in MP3 format. Wav is acceptable too if MP3 is not an option.
  • Please send as much information as possible about your music  (Artist, Track name, Album Name and release date, easy to add this info in if sending MP3's),  your band, recording label (if you're signed) and links to your social media, online stores and youtube channels. ALL THIS HELPs US TO PROMOTE YOU BETTER!
To get added to our spotify playlists:
  • Simply upload your tracks to spotify, email us the spotify link and specify which track you would like added to our playlist.
To get added to our new video playlists:
  • Simply upload your tracks to Youtube and email us the youtube link.
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