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‘Titan Breed’, one of Glasgow’s most formidable acts rapidly continue to grow in strength and precedence since their formation just two years ago with a string of successful shows on the live circuit, releasing the stunning debut Ep ‘Edge Of The World’ and more recently their triumphant win at the ‘Metal 2 The Masses Glasgow’ competition securing them a hotly sought after spot on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage at this years Bloodstock Festival in Catton Park.

To tell us more about ‘Titan Breeds’ incredible journey so far, we asked frontman Johnny Malice, guitarists Stewart Brown and Pete McCoy, bassist Mark McMillan and drummer Lewis Kelly a few questions.

How did Titan Breed form and where did the name come from?

Johnny - Stewart and Pete's old band had just split up, they had been jamming together and wanted to do something new, so I got involved and it instantly became a dual vocal attack on the world! Lewis originally came in as a stand-in drummer whilst we were at the start of the writing process, as the drummer we had couldn't make many rehearsals. But it was obvious that Lewis was bound to be the fourth Titan! Mark came along a little later as well, strolling into the studio with this 7 string bass, he blew us away and that was it, Titan Breed was complete!

The name was the hardest part. There were about 25 names that we thought were cool, but we rounded it down to a handful, and from Stewart's list of names, Titan Breed was the one that everyone agreed on.

How did it feel winning Metal to the Masses in Glasgow? Johnny - For me as a regular Bloodstock attendee, winning Metal to the Masses was a fucking magic experience. I mean, I go to this festival every year and now I get to play it ....Amazing! All the bands in the final were spectacular though. To hear Simon Hall call out our name (over the top of a huge Titan Breed chant from the crowd) was an amazing feeling, what a night.

For people who haven't heard you yet how would you describe Titan Breed's sound?

Johnny – Fucking…amazing haha. Nah...on a serious note, there has been a lot of people who have said we remind them of bands such as Korn, Disturbed, Pantera and Alter Bridge. But as I said to Squatter on the Bloodstock podcast. If you had Pantera and Alter Bridge in a head lock…that would be Titan Breed.

You released your 5 track E.P 'Edge of the World' in April this year which has been getting great reviews. Have you started any plans for another E.P or will your next release be a full Album? Johnny - We are always writing new material, doesn't matter how busy we are. We are always being creative, so there will be a new release shortly, not sure if it'll be an album yet so maybe another E.P.

Stewart – We’ve been trying to get in as much writing as we can between shows, and recently we’ve been testing the waters with a few new tracks in the live set, which seems to be going down well!

Titan Breed have been announcing steady gigs over the rest of 2017. What are the plans for 2018, any plans for a tour?

Johnny - Yeah we have a lot of live shows coming up in Glasgow, Dumfries and obviously Derbyshire. We will hopefully be sorting a tour out soon, whether it be on our own or in support of another band.

Stewart – As Johnny says hopefully we’ll be sorting out more dates going into 2018. We’re really keen to get down south, play shows in England, Wales and hopefully Ireland too. Hopefully playing Bloodstock will open some doors for us to get to these places.

Photo Credit: Gus Darroch/Blackstage Whitelight Photography

Excluding B.O.A since you can tick that off the list soon which festivals from around the world would you most like to play? Johnny - Definitely Hellfest in France and Wacken in Germany

Are there any bands that you have played with that you would recommend people check out? Johnny – Turbyne, who were also playing Metal to the Masses were fantastic, they are definitely worth a listen and they put on an amazing show!

Stewart – Centrilia who are also from the Glasgow area are well worth checking out. We played a show with a band called Mason Hill who are really making a name for themselves just now, great band!

Which band would you most like to share the stage with? Mark – Devin Townsend!

Lewis – For me, it’s Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit because I’m Nu-metal daft!

Johnny - Manowar

Stewart – For me, it would probably have to be Black Label Society. I’m a huge Zakk Wylde fan and getting to open for them would just blow my mind!

Pete - Personally, it'd have to be Queen as they're one of my all-time favourites, but as far as the band goes, I'd love to a tour with Lamb of God or Gojira and test our mettle (pardon the pun) against some really heavyweights of the metal industry.

Which artist and/or band has been your biggest influence? Mark - Influence is a tough one for me, but I’d say the bass player Victor Wooten who has influenced me most.

Lewis – It is, and always will be Slipknot!

Johnny - My favourite band of all time is Pink Floyd, and that's what made me pick up a guitar for the first time but Elvis Presley got me singing.

Stewart – That’s a tough one… I’ll have to opt out of just choosing one! Zakk Wylde was really the first guitar player that blew my mind. I just couldn’t comprehend how he was playing what he was playing. If I could play 4% that well I’d be delighted haha! Songwriting wise he’s influenced me a lot as well. Another massive influence would be Pantera. The music, the attitude. When I heard Pantera for the first time it just hit me at the right time and they’re the reason I just love huge groovy riffs. Metallica is another massive influence too. They were really the first metal band that I just immersed myself in. I got into them very late on, so I had a huge back catalogue to dig into!

Pete - While we don't quite match their technical prowess just yet, the spirit of Lamb of God and Machine Head definitely reside within the guts of our band. However, what I think makes the band click is all the individual influences we bring to the table. I take as much from Randy Blythe as I do from Myles Kennedy or Chris Cornell for vocals and songwriting and also owe a lot to lesser known Canadian alt-rock hero Matthew Good who is a massive influence on me.

What was the first album you bought? Mark - The first album I bought was actually Eminem - The Marshal Mathers LP.

Lewis – No surprises here. It was Slipknot…when I was 6. I had to get my dad to take it to the counter though.

Johnny – I bought, Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon and The Darkness - Permission to Land (at the same time).

Stewart – I don’t actually remember exactly… I do remember the first single I bought though, it was Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ haha! I think the first album I bought must have been a hip-hop album, maybe like Mark it was Eminem. There was certainly a point where I first really got into music, specifically heavy rock/metal and just bought as much as I could, stuff like Korn, Slipknot and a lot of the nu-metal stuff that was coming up at the time.

Pete - Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell. I couldn't have asked for a better intro to the world of high-wire vocal rock than that!

Titan Breed - 'Everytime' [Official Video]

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