REVIEW: Kinjiru - '4 D' E.P.

'Kinjiru' a Japanese word meaning to forbid/prohibit is also the name of a new musical project From

'Demons Of Old Metal' Frontman and lead guitarist Roger B.

With his new project, Roger B. moves away from the more groove, riff laden style of

Demons Of Old Metal in favour of a more classic metal hook fused with electro, synth - industrial and techno.

With just Additional vocal samples on 'Never Ever' by Yuko Evans, Roger taken care of everything else including not only vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards, tech, programming, but the production, engineering and mastering of the EP too.

The E.P starts out on a massive high with the insanely catchy “Never Ever”, a deranged Romeo and Juliet tale underpinned by a driving hardcore techno beat and a deliciously speedy lead guitar melody which sets the bar high for the rest of the E.P.

This track in particular leaves one awestruck at how perfectly Roger has melded fist pumping old school metal with the modern trappings of techno hardcore into a fresh new sound that would equally set simultaneous eruption on both a club dance-floor and a moshpit.

The use of harmonised and layered clean vocals on the verses, all executed again by the virtuoso, add an uncomfortable air of malice before ripping into the choruses in a more typical powerful-metal, screaming vocal style.

This joyful rhapsodic adventure is juxtaposed effectively with the more ominous ‘Come Join The Freaks’, a track that examines the nature of the human condition when we are no longer held back by strict and authoritative figures in our lives and free to explore the world and of course, ourselves.

It also asks the question, how far will we go if there is no one to reign us in once in awhile?

Musically the riffs in this one are heavier and more sinistrous than ‘Never Ever’, but it’s still

ear-worm candy with lots of oomph and a brooding electro tone which flows seamlessly into possibly the darkest moment on the Ep. 'Safeword'.

‘Safeword’, lyrically, is like an unfilmed episode of Charlie Brooker's ‘Black Mirror’.

Depraved and deranged lyrics about someone so addicted to BDSM that they can't bring themselves to say the safeword, even though they know it's killing them.

Yep, pretty dark, I recommend a couple of cold showers after this one!

Musically though it’s more upbeat than ‘Come Join The Freaks’ and a track that would sit perfectly on 'Dancing With The Dead by PAIN. Although safe word is one of the more restrained tracks on ‘4 D’, it contains a hypnotic driving rhythm section, combined with its lyrical content, that’s hard to beat.

Finishing the E.P on a high is the bouncy ‘Voodoo Sex Doll’.

This one, while still provocative, is a quirky fun track which hits you hard and fast with fist pumping beats, great melodies, lively dynamics and side splitting lyrics.

Quite frankly a great closer to a great E.P.

So if you like classic metal with a fun techno twist, Kinjiru’s ‘4 D' E.P, is simply unbeatable.

Recommend for fans of:


Fear Factory.




The Prodigy.

Devin Townsend.

Strapping Young Lad.


Facebook: @kinjiruofficial

Twitter: @kinjiruofficial

Release date: 31.10.2017

Label: Independent release

Available from: iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, etc

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