Beastcraft / Black Altar split – upcoming video and pre-order!

Beastcraft / Black Altar split prepared for XXI Anniversary of Black Altar is postponed until November due to creating a videoclip for Black Altar's "Tophet" song. The scenes for the video were filmed in England, Sweden, Norway, Poland and USA. Some special guests took part in the recording of Black Altar's “Tophet” song: James Stewart from Vader, V. Priest from Acherontas, Acerbus from Ondskapt, Soroth Northgrove from Beastcraft and Nihil from Furia. The split contains XII Hymns of total Darkness, Deathcraft and Nekromancy! It will be issued by Odium Records as a 8 panels digipack cd with 16 pages booklet, gatefold LP and limited to 50 copies wooden box with cd, vinyl, 2 t-shirts, patch, pin, posters and loads of rarities concerning Black Altar. Pre-order for the cd and vinyl version at:

Split details: BEASTCRAFT „Occult Ceremonial Rites” / BLACK ALTAR – „Winds ov Decay” Split XX Anniversary of Black Altar

Tracklist: BLACK ALTAR: 1. INTRO 2. TOPHET 3. WINDS OV DECAY 4. PENTAGRAM SACRIFICE (Beastcraft cover) 5. OUTRO 6. TOPHET – PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – electro version – bonus track

BEASTCRAFT: 7. IN THE HOUR OF THE THORNS (unreleased intro track from 2016) 8. DEATHCRAFT AND NECROMANCY (unreleased track recorded in 2007/2016) 9. BLACKWINGED MESSIAH (previously only released on 7” vinyl, recorded in 2007) 10. BURNT AT HIS ALTAR (unreleased live recording from 2016, taken from the Death is Complete tribute concert) 11. RESURRECTION THROUGH DESECRATION AND CHURCHFIRES (previously only released on 7” vinyl, recorded in 2006) 12. …IN THY GLORY (7”, 2017)

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