On the surface Aponym could be described as Post and or progressive metal band with drone and synth undertones but, as evident and observed on “Deus Incognitus”, there much more to this band and especially this E.P.

Opening track “Nothing under The new Sun”, with its church organ overtures, starts the E.p off in an avant - garde, offbeat but also upbeat, joyous manner before the tone unpredictably shifts to one of looming dread where i’m not entirely sure what direction the E.p will follow, but that's one of the many marvels on “Deus Incognitus” and indeed of Aponym, to have the power to lead you almost blind folded down an unfamiliar path where you can hear what's going on but can't rely on your sight to guide you so anything can happen, and indeed it does, as the track finishes with its screams and ambience of destruction and war we are greeted with “Every Low Ambition”.

Not only does this track serve as a presage to the band’s calling card and anthem “Tusk” but also wonderfully displays the band's’ ability to to twist and mould genres into something exciting fresh. “Every Low Ambition” has an almost conventional pop like intro before merging into a floor stomping break down before the subtle ‘Civil War’, like intro to the EPs centerpiece, “Tusk”.

Subtle intros with clean instruments juxtaposed with harsher music and distortion is a device used on many rock and metal albums especially on instrumental post-prog albums but with Aponym this device is not merely used as a shock tactic but more as a precursor to the ebb and flow of the track and E.P. that lays before you with each track slowly gathering momentum and the track ‘Tusk’ is a very clear example of this, as the intro breaks away into a melodic groove metal style with some beautifully written lead solos before amping the speed up several notches to create a riff any Thrash metal act would be happy to pen.

If ‘Tusk’ was the EPs centerpiece then “Life Is A Wounded Stag” is the the Eps masterpiece.

“Life Is A Wounded Stag” is a track that wholly displays all of Aponym’s musical aptitude

and virtuosity within itself. This single track alone contains more musical diversity and skill than most of their contemporaries could muster in an album. Although it’s the longest running track in the E.P clocking in at approx. seven minutes, it eludes from the fact. Here all of their styles converge together, from delicate melodic synth and guitar overtones to punishing post metal and evolving prog metal. Where Aponym differ from most prog metal acts is the natural and organic feel to the music. Gone is the start-stop, noise-silence, swell-reduce technique in favour of a more uncultivated, unsystematic, raw and sincere sound.

The E.P concludes with ‘Makt’, which strays from the wonderful ‘Deftones’ via ‘Whipping Boy’ intro into a ‘Mastodon’ style riff of mammoth proportions making it sonically, the heaviest track on the E.P.

When the E.P. finishes with a massive drone distorted swell before a tranquil soundscape, you’ll need a minute or ten to just absorb and take what you’ve just heard and witnessed.

With “Deus Incognitus” Aponym have crafted and created a stunning debut EP which defies the usual trappings of post and prog metal with their naturalistic and unconventional style and sound and not only is this E.P wholly recommended but an essential addition to any music lover collection.

Recommended for Fans of:

Russian Circles



Porcupine Tree


My Bloody Valentine




Aponym are: Christopher O’Sullivan - Drums Cillian Plummer - Guitars David O’Mahony - Bass and Programming Dave Longan - Guitars, Vocals and Programming All Tracks Written by Aponym Produced and Mixed by Dave Longan Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Artwork by Daniel Howard


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aponym

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aponym/

The EP is available to listen to at the following links:



iTunes: goo.gl/ftULyd

Spotify: goo.gl/YFottf

Google Play: goo.gl/cvMVjm

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