Blackened, Dark-wave, Metal, miscreants 'OUTIS', launch their eagerly awaited debut album

'THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE' **LIVE** this Monday, 25th September only on Flirt FM's 'CRANIUM TITANIUM METAL RADIO SHOW'!

At 8PM sharp this Monday, September 25th, 'THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE', by OUTIS will be officially launched not only on the radio show but also full digital release across all major platforms such as BANDCAMP, SPOTIFY, ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, DEEZER, AMAZON and host of other sites with CDs and audio cassettes made available for pre-order from the OUTIS bandcamp page.

CD's will contain full colour glossy artwork with Tapes having an alterntive art layout.

Depressive Illuisons Records will be releasing their version of the album on CDS/Tapes in early October.

All orders come with *EXCLUSIVE* stickers and patches.

'OUTIS' features Darragh O'Connor (Horrenda), Shannon Bowman (Xeropulse) and Daithí Ó Mathúna (Argonath and Aponym).

'The Guillotine", the first single from 'THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE', had an exclusive airing on Monday September the 11th on The Cranium Titanium Metal Show on Flirt Fm 101.3

Now OUTIS get set to launch the entire album with a LIVE interview at 8:35pm with their commander and chief Darragh O'Connor, accompanied by two more exclusive tracks from the album!

The album boasts some 20 plus tracks with a wide and diverse range of music covering and incorporating all genres and musical styles from Metal, Dungeon Synth, Techno, Electro, classical, ambient and drone.

Lead single "The Guillotine" fused Black Metal with classical overtures and is a delight for all fans of unconventional metal and dark wave.

The launch will commence from 8pm on Flirt FM 101.3 Monday September the 25th.

The show airs this and every Monday from 8PM to 9PM on Galway's Flirt FM 101.3 and can be listened to via:


You can get interactive in the Metal Radio Ireland Chatroom right HERE!

Also featured on the show from 8:15PM will be a LIVE INTERVIEW with James Casey and Ben Doyle from Athlone metal/hardcore crew PEASANT TO A KING.

For more information click HERE.

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