This E.P. doesn't hold back when it comes to opening songs. Ten seconds into ‘A Fool’s Reward’ and we are in ‘mosh mode’. I can instantly tell that these guys are going to thrive in the live environment. My initial thought as far as a sound comparison would be Pantera, Machine Head and Volbeat. But that's just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with here. That changes as the E.P. goes on.

I like the production. All instruments can be heard loud and clear. I'm glad that the vocalist, Gabriel, is the style of singer that he is, I'm all for good rock vocals : )

I also like cool drumming and great it's handy that I'm here listening to SECTILE : )

A few minutes into the song and the lads show us another side...the heaviness makes way for clean guitar. There's plenty of mood and atmosphere here as we are treated to a really nice guitar solo section before Cormac’s bass take centre stage. But fear not, before you know it, your face is being melted by a bass/guitars unison section to lead nicely back into the song. A strong start to this E.P. indeed.

The second song ‘Invisible Threads’ begins with an epic doom vibe, very cool. Before long though, we are greeted with what these guys do best...and that's kick ass riffage. This song is a lot busier than the first. Zachary pushes the drumming even further with plenty of hyper drumming and nice double bass flourishes. To perfectly compliment Mark and Michael’s equally busy guitars. This track shows a more technical and modern side to the band and a willingness to push boundaries both musically and vocally. This song is a 7 and half minute workout and leads me further into believing that these guys would be really cool to see live.

Third song ‘Silver Moon’ offers us more heavy riffs, groove and double bass drum flourishes. There's a really cool middle section in this song. The guitars give way to a rumbling bass line, giving us enough time to wipe the sweat from our eyes before clapping along to some really cool guitar and drum parts. Then...boom! Riff city. Great vocal line here, reminds me of the ‘oh oh’ section at the end of Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’ Great stuff.

The E.P. comes to an end with ‘Comes with the Rain’. This one starts off a little mellower than the previous songs before the inevitable heavy guitars show up. Plenty of atmosphere here. More of a 90’s, almost indie-ish vibe off this one.

A solid finish to this E.P. though.

Of course, this E.P. isn't perfect..these guys are only together for one year after all. But what a great start! I look forward to hearing what this band do next. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and check this release out. Also, go see them live if you get the chance. I have a feeling you won't be disappointed : )

By Keith McCoy


Formed in Dublin, November 2016.


Mark O Reilly - Guitar

Cormac Hennigan - Bass

Gabriel Gaba - Vocals

Zachary Newman - Drums

Michael Sheridan - Guitar






Keith McCoy is a horror/sci-fi Synth musician and founder of the

Instrumental Prog Thrash Metal project Six Still Missing.

You can check out his music in the links below:

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