Interview With Anaïs Mulgrew (Chareyre) CELTACHOR

Celtachor, a name unanimous with Irish folk metal, have recently released their third album 'Fiannaíocht' the follow up to 2015's critically acclaimed "Nuada Of The Silver Arm".

So, we reached out to Celtachor manager and drummer Anaïs Mulgrew (Chareyre) to tell us more about, not only 'Fiannaíocht' but about what Celtachor have been up to since, their new band members, the progression in their music and their upcoming live shows.

Beneath this, you can find a transcribed, edited excerpt of the interview conducted between Anaïs and Trev from The Cranium Titanium Metal Show originally broadcast live from Flirt FM 101.3 on Monday the 28th Of June 2018.

For the full recording of the interview and the full live show see the link below the article.


Hi Anaïs! Thanks a million for joining me tonight!........

........So is Fiannaíocht meeting your expectations, are you satisfied by the reactions of the fans and with the reviews of the critics so far?

A: Oh it's been way bigger than anything else we've had ever and I'm trying to keep up with it to be honest ...... I've been very busy doing this it's almost become a full-time job to look after the band at the moment. The reaction been really positive, very good and we're delighted about it and we really love this album we're really proud of the music and well looks like the fans do too yeah. Really delighted about it!

Awesome and yeah I have to say its (Fiannaíocht) absolutely brilliant too. So how do you think Fiannaíocht differs previous albums ‘Nuada Of The Silver Arm’ and ‘Nine Waves From The Shore’?

A: This one talks about ....the Fianna, so it's a different story from the Irish mythology which we tried to cover in its entirety and musically we've changed a lot, we've evolved a lot, first of all we have two new members in the band one of them being Liam the violinist and we never had one before and our new bassist Rob also plays Irish harp and bouzouki and the two of them brought ...all their new ideas and their songs and the third thing would be our singer Stephan, he used to do only black metal vocals and now he's been starting to do clean vocals and Surprise he has done a great job! We really love it and so that's a lot of changes a lot of evolution and I think it's been for the better for our songs........and I think we got quite better individually as musicians, we have a new way to write music so there you go that's that's the result! Hopefully (laughing) you like it!?

Jesus yeah! Yeah I pre-ordered mine as soon as I could and I'm very, very happy, I have to say with the entire package!

Was their any particular band, style of music, movie or Literature that may have been a been influence or an inspiration to you or the other band members when writing Fianníocht?

A: Yeah.... we are all very different in the band for some reason and I would say Rob and our guitarist would have the same kind of influence in sort of the classic heavy metal you know old-school kind of thing Black Sabbath and the likes whereas Stephen and I would be a lot more into black and ambient metal.

Liam our violinist has been trained with folk and classical music and we all really open to different kinds of things and that's really a massive mix so if I tell you all our influences now... God..., I could speak all day but we really love, you know, Sky Forger and Moonsorrow, Primordial obviously and yeah you know you could never end the list but also it goes much further than just folk metal and Irish music. For example our guitarist... who's done some long music studies is incorporating some Asian elements, Asian folk elements, like throat voice and you know we think outside of the box always.

It's the music first, whatever fits we will take it and it's working really, really well...especially with the new album.

Does Fiannaíocht serve as a companion or counter piece to Nuada of the silver arm in your opinion?

A: It's just another story, it happens later actually, some would be descendents of themselves, you know, we would like to talk about the entire mythology we don't really remove any part and we know already which one and what part of the mythology we will cover for the next album.

It's a great set and we're really looking forward to it and obviously sharing the stage again with darkest era and Waylander, also Death The Leveller .

Also next weekend we play in Dublin and with SAOR our amazing Scottish friends that will play = only in Dublin this year and our friends from Na Cruithne in Galway.

It's going to be a real cool night this one we're really looking forward to and we put a lot of effort into it and after this one and the ‘RALLY’ we're going to announce couple more in Ireland and some next year and we're absolutely open to more gigs anywhere in the world.

Many, many thanks for chatting with me tonight Anias I wish you and all in Celtachor continued success hopefully we'll get to see you in Galway as it would begreat to get you guys down here at some stage!






Fiannaíocht Can Be Streamed And Purchased On Bandcamp At The Following Link:




Saor + Celtachor & Na Cruithne - Sat 2nd June // Voodoo Lounge Dublin, Ireland.

Rally Of Lugh Longarm Rock/Blues/Heritage Festival - 28Th and 29th Of July// Irish Military War Museum Starinagh, Collon Co. Meath.



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