Sixth Extinction - X And Why? - Album Review

Spawning from Ireland’s Premier county, Sixth Extinction, a primarily groove metal five-piece, take no prisoners when it comes to bone splitting modern metal.

To first trace the band back to their earlier days, Sixth Extinction commenced in 2013 with more of a Death Metal tint to their sound which can be heard clearly in their 2016 self titled debut E.P.

They found, however, as time progressed, a “love for the groovier side of the genre”, so the Death Metal tint may have faded slightly but not completely dissipated since then, to allow a more powerful sound to permeate as this, their monstrous sounding debut album’ X And Why’ powerfully demonstrates.

Most definitely a major player in getting the album sounding so colossal and huge was the fact that the album was recorded and produced by legendary producer Tue Madsen back in May 2017, in the famed Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark.

Tue Madsens producing credits include such impressive artists as Mnemic, Panzerchrist, Aborted, Poison Black, Sick Of It All, The Haunted, Suicide Silence and Babymetal to name just some.

So, it's quite impressive and testament to Sixth Extinction, an unsigned act, on this their debut album, to win over the attention from such an esteemed, respected and acclaimed producer and kudos to the lads too for starting as they mean to go on.

It would have been, im sure, much easier and cost effective to simply record and produce themselves at home, in Ireland but to go to the lengths they did, with no half measures, shows they mean serious business.

The first thing that hits you, square in the fleshy sweet spot between chin and jaw, is the thunderous wall of sound from the opening track Exit Stance.

Exit Stance opens the album with style, power and force.

“Power” is probably the best single word to describe this release and the style of music encompassed within, whether it’s the music or Liam Ryan's vocals or of course both working together in an unstoppable motion, the sheer power and energy in this debut persists from Opener Exit Stance To Closer Sunken axe, all the time continually thundering along like a runaway juggernaut .

Where vocalist Ryan differs from some modern and groove metal acts is his unique ability to meld his vocal and almost blend clean and harsh vocals together rather than the tried and tested vocal style of harsh vocals for the verses, clean for the choruses.

For example simply check out how tensile his vocals are on tracks “Rebel Stuck On Pause”, ‘Dare Hollow Skulls” and “What Eats Inside”.

Ryan's vocals, without doubt not only compliment Sixth Extinctions music, but act as another instrumental weapon in Sixth Extinctions already, heavy calibre.

His range and dynamic are unparalleled and one can easily make comparisons with both

Sixth Extinctions music and Ryan’s vocals to such stellar acts as Fear Factory, Gojira, Soil, Pantera with echoes of classic grunge from bands such as Pearl Jam and Alice in chains and Ryan has embodied this with a style that's a blend of Ryan McCombs, Eddie Vedder and Phil Anselmo with his own guttural, commanding flair .

Stand out tracks on ‘X And Why?’ include ’Rebel Stuck on Pause’ and ‘Your Gallows Awaits’ with huge thundering choruses and monstrous melodies where as tracks like ‘Nectar of the Gods’ reminds us the bands Death Metal trip with their self titled E.P but crafted and honed into their own style with a massive floor pounding drum section within a wall of metallic sound.

‘Dare Hollow Skulls’ and ‘Bury You All’ instantly command your attention and get you worked up into a frenzy!

All in all what Sixth Extinction have crafted here with “X and Why?” is sound and style of relentless force and power that is wholly their own while incorporating detail and technicality to their sound, from clever tempo changes to subtle hooks and melodies from start to finish all the time punctuated and underlined by one of the most diverse and powerful vocalist’s in the business today.


Sixth Extinction: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

Recommend for fans of:

Fear Factory

Five Finger Death Punch






Pearl Jam



Alice In Chains

Lamb Of God



Sixth Extinction are:

Liam Ryan - vocals Wojtek Orlik - guitars Dave Fogarty - guitars Lukasz Ryz - bass Grzegorz Skowroński - drums


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