Miserable Irish trio THE CRAWLING release new video!

THE CRAWLING are a doom/death metal act from the concrete maze of Northern Ireland. The closure of 2018 saw the release of their sophomore album, "Wolves and the Hideous White" - an exploration of the human desire to belong. Their latest single 'Rancid Harmony' focuses on formation and breakdown of relationships, and why we crave such like in a modern age. Andy commented; “Is experiencing a connection with someone on any level better than none at all? Rancid Harmony reflects the facade of enjoyment, the dance we sell to the world, when inside it’s nothing but rot, and everyone sees it.” The album is available now from all major outlets and streaming services:

Weblinks Website: http://thecrawlingband.co.uk/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/thecrawlingband Instagram: http://instagram.com/thecrawlingband YouTube: http://youtube.com/thecrawlingband

#TheCrawling #IrishMetal

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