ACID AGE: Death Of Octavia Track Review. New Thrash Classic Or Simply mere Trash!?

Acid Age have dropped their latest track "Death Of Octavia", but does this dramatic shift in style spell "Death" for the band?!

Their recently released track "Death Of Octavia" along with the previously released "The Burning Of Rome" both to be released on this years upcoming "Semper Pessimus", the bands fourth full length album sees the band drop their "Hyper Thrash" moniker in favour of their newer self created genre of "War Jazz".

But does this shift in sound and style spell "Death" for Acid Age!?

Well no...absolutely not....

With 2021 still in it infancy and only a handful of metal tracks released so far it may be very bold and brash to proclaim "Death Of Octavia", as not only the track of the year but one of the best written and gloriously ostentatious tracks penned in recent memory.

The track, spanning just shy of six minutes in length, captures not only the essence of classic Thrash Metal but all the style and nomadic panche and flamboyance of the genre too.

After the first listen, I am swiftly reminded of why I love classic Thrash Metal in the first place as Acid Age capture that excitement I get from listening to say classic Metallica or Megadeth where every listen was an excursion, an adventure chock full of riffs, changes and diversity. The way a track on any classic 'Tallica or 'Deth album would start off in one direction and and then meander in a completely different path and add in twists and turns along the way.

After digesting the track its clear that Acid Age know their craft very well as they cleverly blend not only different styles of Thrash but add in elements of Death Metal and vintage hair metal too and it works, Amazingly well.

Its clear from this track that ACID AGE are incredibly intelligent and unorthodox with their approach to writing and their effortless transitions from Thrash to glam metal to progressive, to Death and back again has to be heard to be believed.

The standard for Metal in 2021 has now been set. And its a very high standard indeed.



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