Irish Metal Poll Awards 2021 Artist Nominations List.

Welcome to the fourth annual Irish Metal Poll Awards 2021 Artist/Release nominations list.

This year were are publishing our nominations list first to ensure we haven't missed any releases before we open polls for voting.

After we receive additional releases we will open the polls and issue the voting form where you can vote for your favourites of 2020 in the categories of Best Album, Ep, Single, Demo (new category), Album Art Work, Artist Of The Year (new category), Photographer Of The Year (new category) Radioshow/Podcast Of The Year, Person Or Band Of The Year Within The Irish Metal Community and International Release Of The Year.

After the polls are tallied, the top ten releases in the areas of Best Album, Ep, Single and Demo will be sent to our judging panel for review before announcing the winners for all categories on a live online broadcast of the Cranium Titanium Metal Show.

Sincere thanks to John from Bad Reputation Ireland for his help and advice for this years awards.

Also, just to take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to our fantastic promoters, bands and venues on this island who have endured a very harsh year.

So here's to a loud, sweaty, beer soaked 2021 for you all when hopefully we can get back to what we do and love best... organising, playing, promoting and (for fans like myself) attending and enjoying live music again.

Below you will find lists for Full Length Albums, Eps, Singles and Demos released in 2020.

If your are not included (apologies!) and wish to be, please send an email on or before Friday January the 29th at 1pm to:

Please include the following information for voting inclusion:

1.Your Band Name.

2.The Name Of Release.

3. Type Of Release (Album, Ep, Single, Demo)

4. County Where the Band Is Based.

5. Genre Of Your Music

6. A Link To your Music.

7. Release Date.







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